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Open Tuesday - Saturday 11am - 5pm

Our Story

Stephan-Hill Jewelry Designers was founded in 1980 by John and Marian Garfolo, bringing their love of design, fine metalwork, and travel together under one roof. Together they own and operate their showroom in the Bay Area in Marin County. Visit Stephan-Hill to view a selection of seasonal proprietary designs, as well as a highly curated range of fine jewelry from leading designers from around the globe.

 Stephan-Hill strives to not only highlight the best quality fine jewelry fabrication, but also a unique aesthetic that stands out from the rest, and an international point of view. Our favorite pieces are often those that transport us visually to a different place and time with sculptural lines, rich textures, and interesting gemstone cuts and colors. We also appreciate the beauty of pure simplicity, perhaps in a solitaire ring, or a striking gemstone made to truly shine in a minimalist bezel setting. We are continually inspired by the art of jewelry and the memories and milestones that accompany it. We look forward to helping you mark your moments.