There are two reasons that you will need a jewelry appraisal.

  1. Your need replacement valuations for jewelry insurance to protect against a loss. All risk coverage is the best and not as expensive as you think.
  2. You need fair market valuations for estate needs after a death in the family.

The more accurate the descriptions are in an appraisal, the safer and more accurate the replacement is. Appraisals at Stephan-Hill are provided by our gemologists who are trained and certified by the Gemological Institute of America. This is required so that they can accurately identify and evaluate the value of your jewelry.

There are two aspects of to any appraisal. They both require different capabilities. To accurately identify jewelry requires jewelry experience and gemological training; preferably the Gemological Institute of America.

To accurately value a piece of jewelry requires experience and contacts within the industry to set a replacement or fair market value.